Alexandra Ruiz

Alexandra is the developer and visionary at Canvas + Light. She has filmed in more than 20 countries and has built an extensive portfolio working with companies such as BHLDN, Rocky Mountain Bride and many fortune 500 companies. She is currently working on mastering the art of middle eastern cooking, managing the 100+ plants that she is a mother too, and drinking really good wine.



Rachel Swearingen

Rachel helped start C+L way back in 2014. She’s a wizard behind the camera, but an even better dancer. So watch out for her at your reception. She loves all the outdoor things including (but not limited to) biking and climbing. She lives in Denver with her first and favorite husband, Adam.


Lori Lessing

Who doesn’t love Lori Lessing? This is Lori's second summer shooting with C + L. She also works as a content creator + videographer in Fort Collins, Colorado. She practices yoga nearly everyday and loves doing anything with her family. You can find her on instagram as @peachytangerines.