HAWAII! Land of beautiful people and lots of salt water.

It was a real treat for us to head to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii for a week.

Among shooting the stunning wedding of Rochelle and Dakota, we also 

got to explore the island. 

We hiked to find epic views (see drone footage), snorkeled under the sea to find little creatures (see dolphins), 

and ate far too much sushi (see my American Express bill). 

It just so happens that one of my best friend's lives on the island. We've been obsessing over each other since middle school. 

And just like the good ol' days, we got to adventure together. 

I also brought her one of my favorite Anthropologie dresses that can totally double as an island wedding dress. And we made a flower crown from 

little gems we found on the beach. I pulled out my camera and just like that a whimsical Hawaiian wedding shoot was born! 

Watch the video below to see the glory.