Becca & Jake

Friends! My sister got married on July 3rd and it truly was a magical event. Jake and Becca have dated for the past two years. When they met, Becca had a two year old--sweet Tatum--the cutest little one ever (I know I'm bias-but whatever-it's my blog). Jake pursued Becca and Tatum, and our family watched as both of them fell in love with him. 

AND here we are--two years later at the most epic of venues--Spruce Mountain. They got hitched. We all cried tears of joy. We ate, drank and were merry. 

Good luck not crying when Tatum gets a ring from Jake--and also Jake's face when she walks down the aisle--slay me! 

Also, there are two videos. One is much shorter and way worth your time. And yes, it is me who does the tuck and roll. 

Cheers to Becca & Jake! We love you. 

-Alex + C&L team